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Common Questions & Their Answers
Q.   I have paid for Feature or Premium entry and it has not updated
Q.   I keep having to log in, Problems logging in
Q.   I've added my picture but it isn't showing
Q.   I've been left feedback or review and it's not showing
Q.   I've made changes but they're not showing on my page
Q.   I've replaced my picture but it's still showing the old one
Q.   If I renew will I keep my outstanding weeks?
Q.   My confirmation email hasn't arrived!
Q.   Preventing fraudulent bookings and enquiries
Q.   There's a picture showing that's not mine
Q.   What are your terms and conditions?
Q.   What period of time does the FREE offer cover?
Q.   What should I say in my advert?
Q.   What types of images can I upload?
Q.   Where do I enter my new e-mail?
Q.   Where is the menu?
Q.   Will I get loads of junkmail or spam?
Q.   You don't have a page for my country
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